About Us

Eventing Waregem is firmly established in the eventing calendar. The event has been running since 1980, attracting the world’s best riders and the thousands of spectators who visit each year.

Tom Ryckewaert, who passed away June 14th 2019, stood at the cradle of Eventing Waregem and was one of its driven forces for over 40 years.

Since its inception, in 2014, the FEI Eventing Nations Cup has been assigned to Waregem every year for both the Seniors and the Juniors Riders. 7 competitions of this Olympic Format test are being organized worldwide. Waregem organizes the penultimate competition, the final takes place in Boekelo.

There are 4 main classes held at Waregem over the four days of the event – the CCI(O)4*-S NC, CCI3*-S, CCI2*-S and CCI(O)J2*-S NC.

Eventing Waregem is known as a ‘three-day-event’, even though the actual competition is run over four days. This is because the event is made up of three phases: dressage, cross-country and show jumping, with the dressage phase taking place over the first two days.



Dressage is the first phase of the competition, in which a series of pre-set movements are judged subjectively. It takes place all day on Thursday and Friday on the race course and in Sport Vlaanderen Waregem on all-weather arenas.


Show jumping

Show jumping is the second phase on the competitions. For this test the combination rider/horse must jump 10 to 12 obstacles set up in a ring. All show jumping takes place on Saturday on the site of Sport Vlaanderen Waregem.



The cross-country phase runs on Sunday and is for many the most exciting part of the whole competition. Riders take on the challenge of big solid fences and water complexes. The timed courses run around the beautiful β€œHemsrode” park.

The cross-country courses are designed by Capt. Marc Phillips and built by Levi Ryckewaert and the Willis Brothers, a team which is internationally acclaimed for their course building and design skills.


Other activities

There are also other displays and attractions throughout the event on Sunday for all the family, including children’s play areas, a food and drink walk, and a shopping village.


To Tom Ryckewaert, who contributed with so much heart to Equestrian Sport

Tom Ryckewaert passed away June 14th 2019 surrounded by his loved ones.
Tom stood at the cradle of Eventing Waregem and was one of its driven forces for over 40 years.
His passing is a great loss for the organisation and for the equestrian sports in general.
The organisation remembers him as the man he was: driven, passionate and with a big heart.


Horses and riders complete the competition over 3 days, each day consisting of a different discipline or phase. Horses and riders must complete a dressage test demonstrating obedience, discipline, accuracy and elegance. Then, they must complete a course of show-jumps designed to test their agility and accuracy at speed.

Finally, they need to be fit and athletic to complete a cross country ride jumping natural obstacles within a set time. The Ground Jury has ultimate responsibility for judging all three phases of the competition.

The Veterinary Delegate is responsible for ensuring that FEI regulations are adhered to and that horses are fit and able to complete all phases of the competition.