What's an Eventing ?

Whatever the name:” “Military”, “Concours Complet”, “ Three Days Event” or simply “Eventing” as it must sound nowadays; it’s anyway the most diversified discipline among all Equestrian Sports.

“Eventing is – for sure! – a truly worthy Olympic sport”

Thee days filled with top sport: “dressage”, “cross country” and “jumping” disciplines will be combined in a “Three Days Event”, to follow the English tradition.

The three elements of this competition: dressage, cross-country and jumping have each their specific function: A “Dressage” test focuses on obedience and flexibility.

At international competitions, “cross country” is being used for the “endurance test”. Perseverance is here particularly required from horse and rider, as well as strength exerted for passing sometimes very technical obstacles.

“Jumping” is left for the very last day, as an ultimate test for measuring both the horse and its rider’s recuperation ability. This year’s “jumping” shall be performed after the “Cross Country», as required for an EC, on Monday, at the racecourses of Waregem.

Past winners Waregem CCI** CIC**

1985 Eddy Stibbe Autumn Breeze (HOL)
1986 Jan De Cleene Vrankenstein (BEL)
1987 Doerthe Karsten Eldorado (GER)
1988 Rachel Hunt Night Watch (GBR)
1989 SallyAnn Evans After Eight (GBR)
1990 Ernestien Hoegen Henbury Gold (HOL)
1991 Alec van den Abeele Muscadet II (BEL)
1993 Matt Ryan Lady Sousa (AUS)
1997 Blyth Tait Toad Hall (NZL)
1998 Karin Donckers Nikita (BEL)
2000 Eddy Sans Fairy du Champuy (FRA)
2001 Eddy Sans Fairy du Champuy (FRA)
2002 Robert Stevens Autumn Market (GBR)
2003 Marie-Chrisrine Duroy Crazy Love (FRA)
2004 Andreas Dibowsky FRH Serve Well (GER)
2005 Nicolas Touzaint Irham de Vaiges (FRA)
2006 Frederik Smet United (BEL)
2007 Anaïs Perles Colza du Loup (FRA)
2008 Marc Rigouts Apollo (BEL)
2012  Kai-Steffen Meier  TSF Karascada  (GER)
2013  Izzy Taylor Orlando  (GBR)
2014  Andreas Osthold  Pennsylvania  (GER)
2015  Nana Dalton  Abbeylare Prince  (GBR)
2016  Stephanie Böhe  Haytom  (GER)